What our clients are saying …



I rescued Maggie from the shelter after she was found as a stray. She was extremely skittish and would not let people touch her (including me) or even eat unless it was late at night in the dark. I thought with a loving, stable home that she would come around but she did not improve. I was considering returning her to the shelter because I couldn’t help her. I called Linda when both my vet and some coworkers recommended her.

Linda was amazing! She taught me a LOT about how dogs see the world and how to help Maggie. Linda set up a behavior modification program to help Maggie, and with just a few sessions Maggie started interacting with me and even felt safe enough to eat during the day when I was there! Huge improvement!! With Linda’s help, I now know how to help Maggie overcome something she thinks is scary. Linda was very professional, easy to work with and I learned so much from her! And she was so patient and understanding with my Maggie. She worked miracles with my formerly scared little girl!

Allison M.

Chocowinity, NC





We got our Wire Haired Pointing Griffon right when Covid-19 was shutting everything down. We found Linda soon after, and she was amazing from the start. She helped with so many things from the puppy stage (biting, potty training, socialization), to the adolescent stage (coming when called, body handling, walking without pulling, basic tricks, “Superstar tricks”, and so much more). Beau has been completely potty trained since he was about 12 weeks old and has matured into a very manageable teenager!

Linda understands the way dogs process information (and she has worked with many different types of animals), is very hands on, and encourages us to participate in the training process also. When I tell Beau that “Linda is coming”, he starts wagging his tail, and runs to the back door to wait for her. She has done so much for Beau and for us. If there is any issue that comes up in the future, I won’t hesitate to contact Linda again. She is a wonderful person, and an amazing trainer, aka “Dog Whisperer”!

Anne and Walt

Greenville, NC




Paxton is a naturally hyperactive and excitable puppy! Linda Monico helped to transform her into an obedient joy to share my life with. I cannot imagine having another dog without Linda’s training methods. I feel as though I went through training myself! Linda was patient and kind and I could absolutely feel the care she put into helping Paxton become an absolute gem. Thank you Linda!

Kyle Murphy




Dear Linda:

You are my very best friend besides my mom and my dad. I say that because you are extremely knowledgeable about the ways dogs feel and think. You helped me lose my fear of other people, other dogs, and scary things outside like bicycles, cars, garbage cans, and lots of other things.

From the first hour I met you at my house, I knew you were kind and gentle. You taught me to sit and take treats, and begin to know that learning new things can be fun. And, when I complete behaviors mom and dad ask me, behold, a treat is offered. A pretty sweet deal in this dog’s eyes…. and, tummy!

I’ve heard mom and dad talking and they say that Linda’s methods use positive reinforcements like treats and praise. I give treats and praise a four-paws-up! Mom also followed Linda’s advice and now I take fluoxetine every day and it helps me not to be so anxious about things in my environment.

Mom, dad and I practice all the behaviors we have been shown by Linda. Each week we learn something new that builds on what we learned previously. Mom and dad are very pleased and proud of my progress. In six weeks I have gone from a scared and insecure pooch, to a pup who walks on a leash without barking, growling or pulling.

I have heard mom and dad say that the training was worth every penny. I whole heartedly agree with my two humans.

All of us thank Linda from the bottom of our hearts.

Love, Stella
Rob and Robin Dare
Chocowinity, NC


“Conrad” Saunders

“We adore our baby Conrad, but he was nipping and biting when we went to pick him up or brush him. We thought that he would grow out of it, but it got much worse instead. He is a very loving dog, but he has bitten all of us in the family many times. After he bit my daughter in the face when she kissed him, I knew I had to get some professional help. My vet recommended to call Linda at New Levels to work on his biting and I honestly put it off. Then Conrad bit a neighbor who went to pet him and we had to do something fast. I called New Levels and Linda came over and started working with Conrad, and with us!

She gave us a lot of information on why our little guy was acting that way and started us on a training plan to get rid of the biting and help Conrad learn to not bite. We had to change how we acted with Conrad too. Now we can pick him up, cuddle him and pet him and no more biting! Linda was such a tremendous help and I am very thankful that she was there when we needed her help!

The Saunders Family, Greenville


Sir Comet XXVI

I’ve had dogs all my life.  They’ve always been easy to train and well-mannered.  I received, Comet, my German Shepherd as a surprise from my fiancé because he knew my 15 year old dog (Kong) didn’t have long and he knew it would be terribly hard on me.  Comet was a very crazy puppy, I used to describe him as a toddler with ADHD!  I taught him the basics, sit, down, up, and paw, very quickly, but I discovered Comet had a mind of his own and only listened when he wanted to.

Comet is now 2 1/2 years old.  He still has that mind of his own.  He’s a good and smart dog, but he has/had some issues with having bad manners that I just had no luck correcting on my own.  So, desperate, I contacted New Levels Dog Training.  I had a nice long conversation, with Linda, over the phone.  I hung up that phone feeling happy and very hopeful after that 1st conversation.  About a week later, we met for our consultation.  I was so impressed with her knowledge and I knew we would accomplish great things!  I then signed up for 3 sessions, which turned out to be very successful.  Linda provided me with such wonderful insight and helpful advice to help me understand and communicate better with Comet.  I found that Comet loves to learn and learns very fast!  I just wasn’t communicating the right way.  I’m so proud to have learned how smart and eager to learn that my Comet really is.  I’m also very proud of how much we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time.

Linda has made a HUGE difference in my life by providing me with her wisdom and the tools to help me change Comet’s bad habits into good habits.  She’s helped Comet overcome some difficult hurdles as well.  I really enjoyed working with Linda and may do a few more sessions in the future.  My only regret is that I didn’t contact her sooner.  Well worth the money spent, because I now have the knowledge and training tips that I can use for the rest of my life.

Me and Comet are very grateful for all that Linda has done for us.  Although, Comet keeps asking me “when is that lady coming back with the yummy smelling bag?”  Haha!  Thank you Linda, you rock!!!

Forever Grateful New Levels Customers,
Jessica Cecci & Sir Comet XXVI


A Bad Case of Double Trouble

When we brought two pretty little Labrador retriever pups into our home, little did we know that we had invited double trouble! It wasn’t long before we had major problems with chewing furniture and woodwork, jumping up, biting, barking, and sibling rivalry.

Linda Monico turned all of that around. She came to our home, and worked with us and our puppies to reduce and then stop the negative behaviors. Her gentle, no nonsense approach is based on scientific theory and experience. Her focus and keen interest in problem solving are extraordinary. We’ve learned so much from working with Linda, and we recommend her highly.

Sarah Mitchelson



Finley is our 6 month old Great Dane. When he was 4 months old he was very aggressive towards me and would lunge at me and bite me and my clothes and would not stop. He was also very protective when my boyfriend would show affection towards me. We also had trouble with Finley jumping when guests would enter the house and space invading. With his large size, and his continuous growth, we knew we needed to get this taken care of immediately before he seriously hurt me or someone else. We contacted Linda and began training at our home with Finley. She taught us body blocking to help with Finley’s jumping, time outs for his biting, and reward based training for other issues we were having with him. After working with Finley for approximately a month, I was amazed at how much he had learned and how much he had changed. We no longer have aggression or jumping issues. We couldn’t be happier with New Levels Training and how much it helped us and Finley. Finley is now the Gentle Giant we always had imagined he would be!

Kasey Travitz – Greenville, NC


Sunny and Abby

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the training you gave us. We are by no means perfect at making our dogs behave but the Front (come when called) command you showed us for using as our emergency command is spot-on every time. Due to someone’s dog coming in our yard from down the street, it has made our dogs chase it to the road. I’ve used the command twice this week and it works wonders.

Jan & Joe Branch, Black Jack, NC



Ginger Martin

Little Ginger was a stray that showed up at our home earlier this year. She seemed very sweet, but if we went to pick her up, she bit us, and hard. We tried to teach her that we were ok, but after a month she still wanted to bite us when we picked her up or tried to put her on a leash. As a family, we were determined to keep her and help her trust us, but the biting had to stop. If it didn’t she would not be safe with our kids. We tried all the advice we found online and from our neighbors and friends, but she still wanted to bite us. On the advice of our vet, we called Linda at New Levels and she started working with us to help Ginger. Linda taught Ginger how to tolerate and even like, being picked up and held, all without biting. I was surprised how quickly she got Ginger comfortable with being picked up. Everyone in the family can pick her up now, and she lets us leash her up without a problem. She is a delight to our family and I can’t believe how close we were to taking her to the shelter because of the biting. Linda helped us to understand why she was biting, and what to do to teach her to like being picked up and held. As you can see, she is a pretty happy little snuggler now!

The Martin Family, Chocowinity, NC



Hooch is my 2 year old pitbull-mix who destroyed the house when I left him alone. He broke out of the crate whenever I left the house and ripped up and chewed the carpeting and scratched the door to pieces and chewed the metal door handles. He barked and howled and carried on like a crazy dog. Punishment didn’t work, he just did the same thing each time I left. I didn’t want to get rid of him, but it was out of control. A friend told me to call New Levels Dog Training in Greenville. Linda from New Levels came out to my house, met with me and went over what was happening and evaluated Hooch. She told me he had separation anxiety, and that we could help him. I wasn’t convinced at first, but with her suggestions, including that I needed to work with a vet for anxiety medication, things have gotten a whole lot better. He’s still a little anxious, and is still on medication, but no more destruction and no more barking and carrying on while I am gone. Linda provided me the help I needed to help Hooch and I thank her for that.

Shane R., Greenville NC



Rocky is a sweet 1 1/2 year old Yorki-Poo that I got as a baby. Although he has never been a problem dog, he certainly had some areas to improve on. I was given Linda’s name by my vet to help with some of those doggie issues. Rocky was just a puppy when Linda began working with him. They bonded immediately and he looked forward to each of her visits! Being the smart dog that he is, he quickly learned the skills that she taught. As his owner, I was impressed with her methods of training! One of Rocky’s favorite things to do was picking up every thing that was dropped on the floor and running and chewing it apart. He would also quickly dart to the door when opened, which was very scary for me! After working with Linda, he will now trade an item on command for a treat and waits at the door! I highly recommend Linda as a trainer to work with your dog. She is not only good with major problems, but also with fine tuning basic commands. Rocky has made such progress with her. Thanks Linda for all your advice and support!!

Garrett Lewis, Winterville NC



Otis is a purebred Catahoula Leopard. He is going to be a year old this month and is just a big ball of energy! Although he seems like a bruiser on the outside, he is a huge softy on the inside! He is a whomping 70 pounds which is not conducive to walking when he is pulling and jumping. I actually refused to walk him all together because I could not control him. It was also very frustrating to have him jumping on you because he would knock you right over. In addition, he is very smart and used it to his advantage – including eating off the table and table surfing! There were countless times of aggravation from just cooking a meal and having it eaten by Otis. However, with Linda’s help, guidance, and patience, Otis has learned manners! He has now learned self control which I think was the hardest for him.

You do have to put in time and effort with your dog, but Linda provides you with the tools to accomplish it quickly. Linda was very patient and understanding. The first two methods/options we tried to get Otis to stop counter surfing were not successful, but that was one of the great things about Linda. She always had another idea, another method to try based on his behavior. The third time was the charm and he no longer jumps on the counters! He now also lays at our feet every night during dinner. It has been truly wonderful to not have to guard our food and fight with him!

Linda also worked with us on the crate for Otis. He HATED going into the crate and would run in the opposite direction when he knew we were leaving the house. Nothing could get him to go into the crate and a 70 pound dog is not easy to force! She taught us ways to try to make the crate fun for him. When this was not 100% successful, she explained his behavior was indicating he was anxious about the crate and being left alone. She gave us several different options we could try instead of the crate. Ultimately, we chose the option of leaving him out of the crate and he acts like a completely different dog! He hasn’t destroyed anything or had any accidents, and sometimes I think he’s more excited when we leave. It’s such a relief to be able to leave the house and know he’s ok.

We had a total of six lessons with Linda, but accomplished everything we wanted and more for Otis! Linda has been such a great blessing for us. She is a very realistic trainer and works with you to fit your individual needs and goals with your dog. She was great at giving us ideas to keep Otis busy. My husband and I learned how to promote positive behavior and give him jobs to do. It was a learning experience for me, my husband, and Otis. We can’t thank Linda enough for all the help! We will always be grateful.

Ashley & Tim D.
Greenville, NC



About two years ago my husband Hunter and I had just gotten our first dog, Charlie, at the Carteret County Human Society. The shelter warned us that he was a runner and on the second day we had him he slipped right between my ankles as I was on my way out the door to work. He bolted across the yard and to make a long story short I chased him through the traffic across Stantonsburg Road on foot but eventually lost him. Luckily we had our telephone number on his tag and a kind man called us two hours later. He had found Charlie two miles from our house dodging cars in the middle of a busy intersection.

We immediately begin looking for recommendations for dog trainers so we could teach Charlie not to run away again. You came highly recommended and we really appreciated that you would come out to our house and work with us and Charlie one-on-one in his own environment (you probably remember that we had a 4 foot high metal gate set up around our door to keep him from getting out again, which was inconvenient to say the least). You helped teach us how to teach Charlie to come to our side when we said the word “Place.” You were so knowledgeable and sincere and you were such a fantastic teacher. We had never had a dog before so you taught us many basics in addition to how to train him and it was all very helpful. Every week Charlie got better and better until we could say “Place!” from the kitchen and hear him come rumbling down the stairs with his tail wagging.

We have since moved to Deep Gap, North Carolina (outside Boone). Charlie is much better on multiple levels. We can open the door without him running out now, however we still don’t take any chances. He is always on a leash when we are outside. We have kept up with our training and use his word often. Just like you taught us, we always practice the word whenever we are in new places like hotels or friends’ houses, just to remind him that it works there too.

Tonight, your training helped save Charlie’s life and I had to write you. I was walking him in the field outside our house around 7:15pm. Unfortunately we can see down to a 5-lane high from our yard and Charlie and I were very close to it. Suddenly, I was caught completely off guard when he ran full out away from me so suddenly that I dropped his leash. This is not typical for him so I think he must’ve seen or heard something pretty tempting in the bushes. I immediately yelled “Place” (probably with less authority than I usually would have done because I was terrified.) Charlie stopped in his tracks and looked back at me. I yelled his word again and he came right back to my side.

I wanted to write to say thank you so much. You were so great to work with and every minute was worth it because Charlie is safe.

Summer Wisdom



Linda is an absolutely wonderful trainer! She was very patient from the start and she made me feel much better about my problem dog! Through working with her, I have realized that every behavior my dog does is negotiable! In the span of about 4 sessions (and practice on my own) we went from lunging at every dog on walks and being nervous around humans, to a calm, controlled walk where he now sees other dogs as an opportunity for, “cookie time,” instead of a threat. I know the work will not end here, but the tips and tools that Linda gave me have really changed my perspective about Monty. Instead of getting frustrated with any bad behaviors, Linda has given me the confidence to understand that he just needs more practice with the good ones! I have worked with other “trainers” before, but Linda is different. She is not just interested in training your dog, but training the owner too! She used psychology to explain my dog’s behavior and it really helped to put things in perspective. This training experience has been worth every penny and I look forward to updating Linda as we continue to work on our behavior modifications. I will recommend her to everyone I know! Monty LOVED Linda!

Thank you!
Ava Alexander-Greenville, NC



We adopted Honey, a shelter dog who was very sweet and loving to us. Unfortunately, we quickly found out that she was not sweet at all to other dogs and would try to drag us over to any other dog and start a fight. We would yell at her but she didn’t listen. Since she weighed over 70 lbs, we couldn’t control her and everyone in the neighborhood was upset with us. A coworker recommended that I call New Levels Dog Training for help. Linda Monico came over quickly and helped us to understand why Honey was doing that, and showed us what to do about it. In 2 visits we were able to walk Honey through the neighborhood without her pulling or barking. Yeah!! Even better, Linda showed us how to work with Honey so that she was calm around other dogs. It was like magic. We strongly recommend that if you have a dog with behavior problems, or want to avoid creating them, call Linda at New Levels. She’s a genius!! Thank you Linda for helping us with our Honey-girl!
Myrna & George M., Chocowinity, NC



Yesterday morning I left Frankie and Missy out of their crates when I went to work. It was the first time I was not at home with him having “free range”. Came home at lunch and he had NOT chewed on anything in the house.! Just plays with his Playstick and his kong. He hasn’t made a mess in the house at all, either. Goes potty right after he eats breakfast in the morning. Sleeps through the night for 9 hours in his crate.

I am amazed at the transformation of my wild and crazy pup and attribute it all to you. He is a joy. Even getting so he isn’t so afraid of my husband. My husband can put his hand down and Frankie doesn’t shy away from him. Progress all the way around. Thanks so much!
Mary P, Winterville



We rescued Annie from the local animal shelter shortly after Hurricane Irene came through the area. She was a skinny little puppy who was terrified of everything (except other dogs) including people, toys, grass, and leashes. We quickly came to the conclusion she had been neglected, and most likely abused. We also quickly realized with all of her phobias we needed some help, and found Linda’s information from our vet. From the first time Linda came we started to see improvement in Annie. She quickly learned how to use training pads, and after about 6 weeks became confident enough to use her voice, which she now uses with regularity. We continued working with Linda to help Annie gain trust around other people, realize that the outdoors are a place for exploring and not a place to be scared of, and finally, that the outdoors also make a really good bathroom! Without Linda’s help, we doubt that Annie would now actually act like a dog, making us laugh frequently with her antics, and bothering our 13-year old dog by constantly wanting to play with her. Annie is an important member of our family, and we are so thankful that she now appears to be enjoying life – and is no longer the skinny little thing she was, but rather a proud and confident little dog. She will always be wary of strangers and her surroundings, but with Linda’s guidance she now has no problem going outside, comes when called (usually), and overall is just a happy-go-lucky and spoiled little pooch!
Carol & Steve H.
Chocowinity, NC



Boudreaux is really turning into a great dog. He turns 1 year old this month (so hard to believe). The clicker training has been the best thing for all of us and so much fun. He still has moments when he forgets the rules but those times are getting fewer and fewer. We are even able to sit on the couch eating and have him sit quietly and patiently beside us. We take him to the greenway and enjoy walking him there. Thanks so much for your help and support.
Thanks Again,
Caryl and Rodney