separation-anxietySeparation anxiety in dogs is a devastating condition. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety experience chronic stress when left alone, taking a toll on their emotional and physical health. Owners can’t leave their homes because they are afraid that their dog will tear down the window blinds, chew the doorway, or bark or howl until the neighbors complain. Separation anxiety is the most heart-wrenching of canine disorders and it won’t go away on its own.

Dog who have home-alone issues aren’t angry with you, they are truly terrified about being alone. It’s not a choice for them, they cannot control their emotional response. Their anxiety when left alone can show up as pacing, barking for hours, house-soiling, destroying the house, and even injuring themselves trying to escape. That alone is overwhelming to live with, but far worse is knowing that your beloved dog is in an uncontrollable panic state whenever you leave. It’s truly heartbreaking.

There is help.

Separation anxiety can be overcome, and I can help. I am one of just a few trainers who has graduated the rigorous Malena DeMartini Separation Anxiety Trainers Program. I have received 12 weeks of specialized training in helping dogs learn to reduce and manage their fear and anxiety of being home alone. The process known as desensitization is used in the training exercises. Owners are coached and supported through the process. Real-time monitoring with technology such as Skype, Facetime and video cameras allows us to closely monitor your dog’s responses while we gradually teach your dog to be calm when alone. Separation anxiety IS a highly treatable disorder. Let me help.
our separation anxiety dog training program

We are as committed to helping your dog overcome their separation anxiety as you are.

  • Our training program provides you with customized, step-by-step training exercises that are provided to you daily.
  • The exercises take about 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. You decide what times are best for you to work with your dog.
  • We meet online weekly to assess progress, answer questions and decide next steps.
  • We teach you what you need to learn in order to change your dog’s emotions about being alone.
  • We support you every step of the way as your dog learns to be calm and relaxed while alone.

Ready to get help for your dog?
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What our clients are saying …
Kirby is my precious boxer boy! His separation anxiety was so bad I thought he was hopeless! He was jumping on the sofa and tearing up blinds and pawing at the window the instant I was out of sight. I was at the end of my rope and so frustrated. I found Linda and with help from her I am now able to leave him for over 2 hours with him lounging on the sofa and looking out the window. And no destruction!
— Kirsten T, Greenville NC