Due to a full schedule, we are not accepting new clients until September 2021.

Puppies are adorable, but they can pose some challenges too! Let me help you with the more frustrating parts of bringing up a puppy. Common puppy problems like house training, biting with razor-sharp teeth, chewing and whining can seem overwhelming. Let me help. Just a little training, done right, goes a long way!

Whether you need just a bit of help or more support, we have the program to help. Choose what level of support you need. Designed for puppies 7 weeks -5 months old.

In-Home Puppy Consult – $125

Designed to cover a single puppy problem and get a plan in place to resolve it. This 60-minute in-home session is perfect for common problems such as housetraining, puppy-biting and home-alone issues.

Online Puppy Consult – $95

Get the benefits of an in-home consult online. In the age of Skype and Facetime, we can meet online and get help to you fast. This one-hour interactive online session is perfect for fixing problems such as housetraining, play-biting, chewing and jumping. We can meet anytime that is convenient for you, even during your lunch hour.

New Puppy Package – $375

Puppy problems fixed fast! 4 hour-long private in-home training sessions that are customized to address the problems that you need resolved.

Ideal for crate training, play-biting, house training, chew training, jumping and socialization tips. You’ll also learn some simple problem prevention protocols, how to teach your puppy to learn to sit to say “please” and other self-control exercises. A quick, easy and fun way to get your puppy started off right!

Puppy Jumpstart Package- $575

6 private in-home sessions designed to achieve your training goals and to meet your pup’s individual needs. This training option gives you the support you need to address all the common puppy issues and prevent problem behaviors from even developing. We will work on fast and easy solutions to common puppy issues and introduce essential foundation skills to make sure that your puppy grows up to be a behaviorally healthy and safe dog that you will enjoy for years. Puppies are amazing learners and even 8-week old puppies can learn good manners. Start training now!



What our clients are saying …
Rocket and Bogart
I got two puppies from the shelter thinking it would be easier on me if they had each other for company. It was a disaster. I had housetraining accidents, furniture and rugs chewed up and two dogs that pretty much ignored me. I didn’t want to take them back to the shelter and found New Levels Dog Training in the phone book. I started off with a new puppy package, just to try it out.

Linda from New Levels helped steer me in the right direction to raise these pups right. She had housetraining tips, showed me how to keep them out of trouble and how to start to train them to be nice dogs. After the puppy package was over, I signed up for more sessions where she came to my house and trained them while I was at work. It was easy and the dogs learned how to behave both on and off leash. Made my life a whole lot easier and I can now honestly say that I like my dogs now! Linda did a great job for me.
— Bob H., Greenville