Due to a full schedule, we are not accepting new clients until September 2021.

The following packages and sessions are all in-home private training.  There are two great options for private training. Choose what works best for you.

Option 1: Traditional “coaching” – you learn together


We work with you and your dog in your home and you both learn together.


Option 2: Dream Dog – let us do the work for you

dreamdog We come to your home and train your dog while you are at work.
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Adolescent Package

adolescentpicDesigned for dogs 5 months- 18 months old This 6-session big puppy/young dog training package quickly improves behavior of the out-of-control adolescent dog. Adolescence can be a very challenging time for owners as they see their cute little puppy turn into an out-of-control teenager! Let me help. Jumping, mouthing, pulling on leash, counter-surfing and destructive chewing are all typical teenage dog behaviors. I’ll show you how to prevent or fix those all-to-common behavior problems. Don’t ignore problem behaviors. They don’t just go away – they grow with your dog. We’ll work in your home and neighborhood, where your dog’s behavior is the most important. You will see immediate improvement in your dog’s problem behaviors. Let me show you how well-behaved your dog can be.

  • 6-hour Adolescent Training Program Traditional Coaching – $585 (Read more about Dream Dog)
  • Adolescent Single Session Consult – $125

    Is your teenage dog almost perfect?  Do they have one problem behavior such as jumping, pulling on the leash, or some other problem that still needs attention?  Sign up for a single session that will focus on that one problem that still needs some help.

Adult Manners and Obedience

privatepicFor Adult Dogs Adult dogs CAN learn better manners! Fix those frustrating old habits or teach your new dog some good manners. Let’s get started on teaching your older dog to be a well-behaved family member. Imagine Your Dog:

  • Greeting guests and strangers with a polite sit
  • Walking without pulling on leash
  • Responding quickly to sit, down and stay
  • Coming happily and quickly when you call
  • Waiting for permission to go through the door
  • Being a well-mannered family member

A well-behaved dog is a joy to live with, but many dogs have annoying behaviors that create problems in the home. I’ll show you how to eliminate problem behaviors and build better behaviors quickly. The training is fun for both you and your dog. We’ll meet once each week at your home where your dog’s behavior is most important.

  • 60-minute Initial Consult: $125 
  • Training Sessions: $95/hour

What our clients are saying …

Linda helped us eliminate negative behaviors. I recommend her highly!   Sarah M – Greenville