fear-aggressionEmbarrassed by your dog’s lunging and barking when guests come over? Afraid your dog will bite a person or another dog?

Aggressive dog behavior is scary, stressful and, at times, overwhelming. I can help.

“So what is aggression and why is my dog doing that?”

Fearfulness and aggression go hand-in-hand. Fearfulness is just about the oldest emotion and probably the first genetically engineered survival tool developed by creatures with brains. Fear is designed to keep animals safe.

Fear is overwhelmingly at the core of almost all aggressive behaviors. Dogs need to feel safe. They will use aggressive behaviors such as barking, lunging and biting to frighten away scary things and to create a safe space around them. Although they may look “mean” – they are really just scared.

Sometimes fear is caused by bad past experiences. More often, these fear-based behaviors are due to under-socialization or a lack of positive exposure to a wide variety of new experiences, new people and other dogs. Puppies who grew up without adequate and positive exposure to new things and new people are prime candidates to develop fear-based aggressive behaviors as adult dogs. It’s heartbreaking to see your dog upset about everyday things.

Fortunately, there is help. Using science-based, force-free training we can help dogs change their emotion about things that they find scary. When they are no longer afraid of people and dogs, there won’t be a reason to bark, lunge or bite them. Your dog’s fearful and aggressive behaviors are too stressful and serious to ignore. Let me help.

Ready for some relief?

Let’s get started.

  • Step 1. Initial consult. We meet either online or at your home and take a detailed behavioral history, observe and evaluate your dog, and identify the problems. You learn what is maintaining your dog’s behavior and what steps to take to resolve the problem.
  • Step 2. The training. We meet once each week at your home. I’ll show you how to change your dog’s emotional response to the things he fears, and teach new, more appropriate responses to replace fearful or aggressive displays. You’ll learn new skills to set him up for success. Your dog will learn new coping skills that will help him throughout his life.

Initial 90-minute Consult – $125
Training Sessions – $95 (custom training packages available)

Questions? Email us at info@newlevelsdogtraining.com or call 252-752-2120.

What our clients are saying …

We went from lunging at every dog on walks and being nervous around people to a calm, controlled walk.   Ava – Greenville