Embarrassed by your dog’s lunging and barking when guests come over?

Afraid your dog will bite a person or another dog?

Worried that your dog cannot cope being left alone?

Concerned that your dog is fearful and anxious?

Few things are more stressful than a dog with serious behavior issues; like lunging and barking at other dogs, snapping or hiding from guests, or panicking when left alone. Behavior problems can be dangerous and frustrating and will often negatively impact quality of life for you and your dog. Let me help.

As a certified behavior consultant, I have the specialized training and skills needed to help dogs with serious behavior issues, including fear, anxiety and aggression. I understand the challenge of dog behavior problems and help owners and their dogs resolve serious behavior issues.

Fear and anxiety are common causes of aggression and other behavior problems. Dogs that show fear, aggression or anxiety need a well-designed behavior modification plan before they can be helped. Behavior modification is a science-based treatment for changing undesirable behaviors that your dog exhibits. Behavior modification addresses and resolves the underlying fear and anxiety that can develop into serious aggression, severe anxiety or other problem behaviors.

Personalized management and training plans are created to help modify the problem behaviors. This plan may include lifestyle/management changes, behavior modification techniques, training acceptable replacement behaviors or enrichment activities to build your dog’s self-confidence. Our goal is to teach dogs to be calm and focused in situations that previously triggered a fearful or aggressive reaction. There is help for your dog.


Behavior Modification addresses:

• Aggression to people, dogs and other animals
• Reactive behaviors on walks, such as barking and lunging
• Guarding food, toys, territory and owner’s attention
• Aggression or fear when touched or groomed
• Fear of noises, people, other animals, and storms
• Aggressive, reactive and fearful behavior towards children
• Separation anxiety and other issues when home alone
• Destructive chewing
• Excessive barking
• Excessive attention seeking


Ready for some relief?

Let’s get started.

Step 1. Initial consult. We meet either online or at your home and take a detailed behavioral history, observe and evaluate your dog, and identify the problems. You learn what is maintaining your dog’s behavior and what steps to take to resolve the problem.

Step 2. The training. We meet once each week at your home. I’ll show you how to change your dog’s emotional response to the things he fears, and teach new, more appropriate responses to replace fearful or aggressive displays. You’ll learn new skills to set him up for success. Your dog will learn new coping skills that will help him throughout his life.

Initial 60-minute Consult – $125
Training Sessions – $95 (custom training packages available)

Questions? Email us at info@newlevelsdogtraining.com or call 252-752-2120.

What our clients are saying …

We went from lunging at every dog on walks and being nervous around people to a calm, controlled walk.   Ava – Greenville