Don’t have the time to meet to train? Try our Dream Dog program.

goldenIt’s dog training the easy way. It means we do the training for you (while you are at work or busy elsewhere), then show you how to maintain your dog’s new manners.
Fast relief from all common obedience problems.
Great manners that hold up in your home and neighborhood.
Real help with serious behavior issues.

It’s fast, effective, and gets results where you most need them: In your home and neighborhood.

The Dream Dog

What is it?
A customized and concentrated training service. In a few short sessions, we accomplish what you could spend months trying to train on your own.

Who is it for?
Busy owners who would like fast results with their dog or puppy.

No need to…

Make time in your busy schedule to meet with a trainer.
Stress your dog by sending them to an unfamiliar kennel for training.
Spend your rare free time on dog training homework.

Why pay for a board-and-train option when your dog only needs training?  Let your dog enjoy learning new manners in his home where he feels most comfortable.  We do all the work; you get all the benefits. 

privatepicWhat is it best for?

  • Dogs: Jumping, pulling on leash, not coming when called, darting out of doorways, rude and pushy behaviors, obedience issues, food and toy guarding, and leash aggression.
  • Puppies: House-training, biting/nipping, handling, puppy manners, learning to come when called, as well as socialization to new people, dogs, and situations.

How does it work?

  • Step 1. Initial consult. We come to your home to discuss the problem behaviors and prioritize them according to your training goals. We start training your dog right then and there.
  • Step 2. The training. We train your dog in your home and neighborhood, and you don’t have to lift a finger! The number of sessions needed varies depending on your goals, but dogs improve quickly with frequent training sessions. We set up multiple hour-long training sessions per week for fast improvement.
  • Step 3. The transfer. We show you how easy it is to keep your dog’s new behaviors reliable.

What does it cost?

Initial consult, 6-in-home training sessions and final owner transfer session – $800

Additional training sessions – $85/hour

What our clients are saying …
Baron and Zeus –
Our two German Shepherd littermates Baron and Zeus were driving us nuts. They didn’t listen, jumped on everyone and everything, wouldn’t come when we called and mouthed and bit us all the time. Our sons were afraid to play in the yard with them because they were so rough with them. We had dogs before, but these two were just untrainable. We finally decided to call in some help and called Linda at New Levels to help us. At the first session she taught us how to calm them down and get their attention. Even the kids could get the dogs to listen. In a few sessions she got them to stop jumping, taught them how to walk without pulling on the leash and to obey the us and the kids. I was impressed at how quickly they gave up their wild ways. Linda really helped and the in-home training was very convenient for us.
— Bob & Jennifer, Greenville