Great Beginnings! Puppy Starter Class

For: Puppies 8 weeks–16 weeks old
Cost: $100 for 5-week series
When: Anytime! Our puppy class is open enrollment. That means you can start anytime we have an opening—you never lose out on critical socialization and training time while waiting for a new class to start.

Focus: House and crate training | socialization | how to handle mouthing and ankle biting | preventing food and toy guarding | preparing your puppy for home alone time | body handling exercises | how to prevent behavior problems | practical tips for raising your puppy

Why: Early socialization is key to a well-balanced pup! The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life is the most critical developmental stage, called the primary socialization period. Both positive and negative experiences during this time can affect your dog for the rest of his life. Our class will help socialize your pup to new people, other puppies, noises, being handled, and how to deal with potentially scary things.

Start your puppy off on the right paw to a life free of behavior issues!

See what Veterinary Behaviorists are saying about the importance of early socialization for puppies!

What is “socialization” and why it needs to be done before a puppy is 14 weeks old

Puppies in the Great Beginnings class must have had at least one set of vaccinations administered by a veterinarian at least 7 days prior to first class date and must remain current on the vaccination schedule determined by their veterinarian. Proof of vaccination is required at the first class. Pre-registration and pre-payment is required.

All classes require pre-registration and pre-payment.

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**Great Beginnings Puppy Starter
Start When You Are Ready! Mondays 6:15pm
East Carolina Vet location
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**Great Beginnings Puppy Starter class is open enrollment. That means you can start anytime we have an open spot-you never need to wait weeks for the start of a new session. Great Beginnings classes are held every Monday night except 2/25/2019, 3/25/2019, 5/27/2019, 9/2/2019.

chloe3 yrs ago I adopted Chloe via the Pitt Co Animal Shelter. Her estimated age was 1 1/2 yrs and history of having been both abused and neglected. Understandably so, she was very fearful of people, esp men, and any quick movements. She would not venture in or out of my front door, walk thru my narrow kitchen or my garage. Leash walking was very difficult and I found myself ‘tugging along’. At the suggestion of a friend, I contacted New Levels Dog Training and Linda made a ‘house call’. In 3 short sessions, Linda had her leash walking and even looking forward to it. A few more sessions and Chloe was following simple commands. Now Chloe is ‘leading’ me around the block~~~even co operating with me putting her harness on. Neighbors and friends can’t believe the progress we have made. Chloe has become a social butterfly and a perfect companion for me.
Sally B., Greenville